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Edita Mildažytė


Born in February 28, 1966, in Marijampolė (the former Kapsukas).

In 1973 started attending Kaunas 27th secondary school.

Since 1974 attended Vilnius 34th secondary school (now - Sausio 13-osios secondary school) and graduated it in 1984.

From 1984 to 1989 she studied journalism and graduated from Vilnius National Vincas Kapsukas University (now- VU).

In 1987 she won the newscaster competition and was employed as a newscaster in the committee of Lithuanian Radio and Television (now - Lithuanian Radio and Television).

Since 1987 she cooperates in,,Labas rytas", ,,Vakaro žinios" shows. She also anchors the News and Panorama news. She works in general TV program, compeers various entertainment shows, New Year translations, etc.

In 1993 she started working in LTN (the former news office), as an editor and presenter. She cooperates in preparation of occasional shows. The first New Year greeting song of the singing journalists is recorded.

Since 1997 to 2000 she plans and presents the show "Bobų vasara" in LNK television; this talk show is the most popular and has the greatest audience (audience ratings reached 26%). During that period, ensemble ,,Bobų vasara" was established.

Within the period of 1997 to 2000 she visits various Lithuanian towns on tournaments with the ensemble ,,Bobų vasara". The ensemble records 2 audio tapes; a book "The most interesting stories of "Bobų vasara" is published. The ensemble of ,,Bobų vasara" revives the forgotten genre and popularity of Lithuanian music.

In 2000 she edits and presents a public TV show,,2 blis", whereas in summer - a show ,,Noriu papasakot".

In 2001, LRT launches the TV show,,Bėdų turgus". For two years, this TV show had the highest audience ratings among all forecasted TV.

In 2001, the "Green apple" acknowledgement concert was organized for the first time, establishing the "Green apple" sculpture (2001, author - M. Jonutis) - sign of honor for charity, generosity, persistency, decency, etc. Since 2002 the "Green apple" sculptures are produced by the sculptor Romas Kvintas.

During the period of 2001 - 2008 she still organizes TV show,,Bėdų turgus", which still is a great succes and offered financial support worth over 400 000 Lt.

During the period of 2002- 2008 she produces TW shows,,Keliaukim", ,,Moterys ir vyrai", ,,Jau saulelė vakarop", ,,Pulsas".

In 2002 the charity and support fund "Bėdų turgus" was established.

In 2002, the first support action ,,Nupirk duonos alkstantiems" (Buy bread for the starving) was organized; 50 000 Lt were collected for the needy. During this action, before Easter, the products of certain groups were marked with a special "Green apple" sign, and their buyers donated for the fund ,,Bėdų turgus".

In 2003, the first "Green apple" acknowledgement concert was organized, during which the disabled performed together with stage stars. Topical program ,,Gražiausios miuziklų dainos" was prepared for the first time. The popular song ,,Kregždutės, kregždutės" performed by A. Mamontovas and Atlanta, was produced by E. Mildažytė and the ,,Muzikos partija".


In 2002 - 2003 Christmas action ,,Nepamirštamoms žvaigždėms" is organized, during which together with company ,,Hronas" the amount of 60 000 Lt is handed out to the nedy veterans of culture and arts (including Masiulis, M. Dvarionaitė, O. Knapkytė, A. Ločeris)

In 2002- 2008, four charity CDs - ,,Nepamirštoms žvaigždėms", ,,Gražiausios miuziklų dainos", ,,Itališka plokštelė", ,,Karuselė" were produced and recorded; the buyer of one CD donates 1 Lt to the ,,Bėdų turgus" fund.

During the period of 2003 - 2008, actions ,,Daugiau saulės, daugiau šviesos" ("More sun, more light") were organized, during which the organizers of 10 LRT TV shows nominate and honor 30 Lithuanian citizens that are worth appraisal.

In 2005, the first concert for the Mother's day is organized, during which the artists sang together with their mothers.

In 2006 - 2007, on the order of the Government, she organizes actions for "The greatest moms", during which the mothers who gave birth and raised 5 and more children were appraised.

In 2004 - 2007 she wrote and prepared for translation the "List of National Values", with an intention to pay attention to the uniqueness of Lithuania and the Lithuanian, to the most important individuals, dates, to stimulate patriotism. This list was translated between two dates of Independence m- 16th of February and 11th of March.

In 2005 - 2007 she initiates and organizes a charity action "Christmas soup". The collected money helps the Order of Malta volunteers to organize the program ,,Food on wheels".

During the period of 1987 - 2008, on LNK and LRT televisions she constantly organizes and presents mass events, New Year concerts, season openings, as well as special translations during Lithuania joining the EU (presenting a cycle of shows), special editions on the death of Pope John Paul the IInd, special editions in memory of Monsignor Kazimieras Vasiliauskas and the writer Jurga Ivanauskaitė.

In 2007 she establishes Internet site related to the fund ,,Bėdų turgus", seeking to help children suffering from diabetes to purchase insulin pumps.

In May, 2008 she visited charity evening in USA, striving to collect funds for the "Diabites" program.

In 2005 - 2007 she produces and in cooperation with ,,Zuzi records" publishes a CD,,Žvaigždės motinoms" and DVD ,,Retro" and ,,Mamai".

In 2008 on the order of the LTV management, she composes the fist "National list of losses", broadcasted on the 1st and 2nd of November, dedicated in memory of the brightest personalities who passed away during the year.

In 2003 - V.Raskas award of ,,The fund of Lithuanian children".
In 2004 - the Union medal.
In 2005 - acknowledged as The Woman of the Year by the ,,Moteris" magazine
In 2007 - the medal of Gedinimas the Great.

2011 - Georgia Respublic Presidential Order of Excellence

She is married, with 3 children.

Hobbies: reading, nature, cooking, traveling, history, communication with family and friends.

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